My Amazing Journey

It was 201MAPLE SUDDS Fall 2015 (1) Revised0 when the first copy of my book titled, NO BLOOD IN THE TURNIP: Memoirs of a Codependent, was printed. An ex-coworker called and she said, “Maple, I didn’t know you could write a book!” I laughingly said, “I didn’t either!” Becoming a writer wasn’t even on my radar. During my teenage years, I was a reading fanatic of Modern Romance and True Story magazines, and a sucker for a sad story with a fairy tale ending. Although I do not possess a formal degree, with the exception of a high school diploma, I do have an unofficial degree in “Dumbness and Naivety.” And Chile, I definitely earned that degree! When I began my writing journey, I enrolled in an English class, typing and creative writing class, and several other classes. Also, being an avid newspaper reader contributed to my writing. Whenever I got stuck on how I needed to convey something, oftentimes I came across something in the newspaper similar to what I was trying to convey. It is no surprise that I’m sometimes amazed at myself for having the audacity to write. Perhaps that’s why it took me twenty-one years to complete my book.

The journey has been the most challenging endeavor with trial and error. And I must give credit to “The Village!” So many people that God placed in my life to help me on this journey. Within those twenty-one years, there was a two year span where I got burnt-out and put it on the back burner. Thinking, who is interested in my life? I’m just an ordinary Black woman. There’s nothing unique about my story. It is a familiar story of many families. However, that small voice said, “It’s not about you. It’s about helping others.” If sharing my story prevents someone’s child from being raised in a negative home environment, which for some can cause low self-esteem, destructive classroom behavior, high school drop-outs, and eventually incarcerations, then I have accomplished my purpose.

Many will see themselves in my story, or someone they know. My book is not a self-help book, or a feel-good story with a happy ending. It provokes many emotions; some will laugh, cry, get mad, and wanna whip my butt for being so dumb. My story is personal, but it’s also universal and IS an eye-opening story, especially for my African American community. It is an UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH! But, I must warn the reader, if you are highly sensitive to profanity and the N–word, this book is not for you! However, in the words of Robin Roberts, “I’m making my MESS my message!”

Casandria Hilliard writes: “Yes, I really enjoyed reading this book. It has a lot of life learning lessons. All I can say. Well Done! It was Great!!”

My book titled, NO BLOOD IN THE TURNIP: Memoirs of a Codependent/ Maple Sudds. Visit to read passages from the book and several reviews. The book is available online at,, or order & pickup at

You’re invited to join me for a Book Signing: Hamilton-South Caddo Library, 2111 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop: Saturday, September 10, 2016, from 10:00–12:00pm.


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