“AHHH! What life teaches!”

Maple with both young sons _Page_1As a child, I was taught the most important things if life were God, family and church, also, respecting your elders. I considered myself a fairly decent, obedient, God fearing and level headed girl, until I reached my sixteenth birthday and a high-school senior. I came into my own, and made an unwise choice. Against all odds, I went against the grain of a relationship that was doomed from its beginning. I disobeyed my Grandmother, and broke her heart. And disobedience has consequences. However, in everyone’s life there is a journey. Because of the choices we make, some of our journeys are long and difficult. “AHHH! What life teaches!” My book, NO BLOOD IN THE TURNIP: Memoirs of a Codependent, is a creative nonfiction narrative, depicting the emotional struggles of an African American family based in Shreveport, Louisiana, in a neighborhood called Mooretown. The story has drama and humor, with raw and compelling dialogue. I shares lessons learned, in hopes of helping others. My self-published book has a rating of four stars and is movie material. Please take a few minutes and check it out! 


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